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Total Drama Island by Gilbert and Sullivan

What if Gilbert and Sullivan had written Total Drama Island?  Our friend Gideon Crawle has drawn verses from the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, and matched them with characters and incidents from Total Drama Island, a popular animated television series that satirizes the conventions of reality TV, especially the elimination game popularized by Survivor.

If you are already a fan of Total Drama Island (TDI), this serves as an excellent introduction to Gilbert & Sullivan.  If you are already a fan of Gilbert & Sullivan, this provides an opportunity to experience it from a unique perspective.

This remarkably thorough compilation has 3 major sections:
  1. Introductions to both Gilbert and Sullivan and Total Drama Island, since most readers will presumably be familiar with one or the other, but not both.
  2. The verses themselves, illustrated with screenshots from the TDI episodes.
  3. A Guide To Incidents, providing convenient plot summaries for each of the TDI episodes.
The verses are cross-referenced to the plot summaries for easy lookup.  The work also features a Glossary, and Theme Songs matched to each TDI character.

To download the complete compilation (about 500 pages in PDF format, 52 MB), right-click TDI_G_S.pdf and Save to your computer.

To browse the compilation online, click here.  The online version includes embedded music videos for selected songs, whereas the PDF version has more screenshots from the TDI episodes.  Due to the technical limitations and administrative policies of the website hosting the online version, there are also some formatting differences between the online and PDF versions.